Hi there! Thank you for attending my session at the Speak Your Way To Cash Live!I had an amazing time and I hope you did as well.

As a thank-you gift, I am gifting you my Ultimate Brand Storytelling checklist titled: 10 Practical Steps to Turn Your Personal Journey Into Business Success

I hope this guide helps you start building your thought leadership today!

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About The Speaker

Eno Eka, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a renowned multi-millionaire business analyst and consultant, recognized globally for her career coaching and keynote speaking. She has empowered over 100,000 professionals from 90+ countries, helping them jumpstart their careers.

Eno is a course instructor at the University of Manitoba, CEO of Eny Consulting Inc., and founder of the Business Analysis School. Her remarkable journey from immigrant to a respected industry leader, influencing thousands of lives, has earned her numerous awards and global recognition.

As a dedicated volunteer, she contributes to several non-profit organizations and serves as a Campaign Ambassador for the United Nations. She hosts the Fireside Chat with Eno Livestream Podcast and is a Giving Back Sponsor for the Women in Need Society (WINS). Eno’s exceptional contributions to her field continue to inspire professionals and immigrants alike.

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