Are you ready to learn the skills and strategies to become a sought-after thought leader and build a successful consulting practice?

Join us for the #1 global event where professionals, leaders and consultants come together to learn how to grow their thought leadership.


A transformative program & immersive workshops that will teach you how to leverage your expertise.

This is the number one event for professionals looking to transition into consulting & coaching and entrepreneurs looking to leverage personal branding and thought leadership to scale to 6 & 7 figures. It is a live in person event where you will learn not just how it’s done, but how you can do it too!

You’ll be in a room with experts & professionals just like you who are ready to build their thought leadership business too.

This is a 2-day deep dive into leadership and thought innovation. Trust me when I say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

At The Thought Leadership Business School Live, you'll discover the strategies and insights that can help you leverage your skills and experience to become a thought leader, coach, consultant, or speaker. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to increase your income or an entrepreneur aiming to scale your business to 7 figures, this event is tailored to meet your needs.

You CAN Become a Thought Leader, Influence Millions and Make Millions too!

I won’t blame you if you’ve started to believe that...
  •   Thought Leadership comes naturally and can not be learnt
  •   There’s an age limit on leadership success
  •   You need to have a fancy degree or be a professor to become a thought leader
  •   Introverts can not be successful thought leaders

I have proof that none of this is true, and you can rise to the top and stay there. I am your proof!

Here’s what building a Thought Leadership Brand did for our Founder, Eno Eka in just 5 years of becoming intentional about Thought Leadership!


Who should attend?

Professionals aiming to increase their income and revenue to 7 figures.

 Entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses to 7 figures.

Individuals interested in transitioning into consulting and coaching roles.

 Thought leaders, coaches, consultants, and speakers looking to leverage their expertise for business success.

Have you been wondering?

  •   "How can I turn my skills and experience into a profitable business?"
  •   "What strategies can I employ to establish myself as a thought leader in my field?"
  •   "How can I create a brand that resonates with my target audience?"
  •   "What are the steps to building a successful thought leadership business?"

If these questions resonate with you, then the Thought Leadership Business School Live is the event you've been waiting for.

Unlock the secrets to leveraging your skills and experience to create a powerful brand that resonates and a business that thrives. This is your chance to learn from the best in the industry, Eno Eka, who has transformed her knowledge and expertise into a successful thought leadership empire.

What You Will Learn:

Over these two dynamic days, you will unlock:

  •   Building a Powerful Personal Brand
  •   Crafting a Global Thought Leadership Brand
  •   Mastering the Mindset, Skills, and Strategies for Success
  •   Navigating the Core Areas of Thriving Businesses
  •   Attracting a Global Audience to Your Message
  •   Creating a Profitable Sales Pipeline
  •   Harnessing the Core Team and Activities for Sales, Marketing, and Operations

Prepare for an intensive journey towards excellence and a 7-figure future!

You might walk in as you are now, BUT...

You’ll be leaving as a leader with a strategy to leverage your expertise and influence the world and build a thought leadership business. I will reveal proven strategies that can help you get results fast even during the 2-day event!

You’ll be filled with knowledge, actionable steps, and the confidence to take your thought leadership to the next level. I won’t just tell you how it’s done, I’ll show you too, so you can implement like a pro.
And much more

About Your Host


Eno Eka stands as an unparalleled luminary in the world of thought leadership and business excellence. As the illustrious founder of Eny Consulting Inc, The Business Analysis School & The Thought Leadership Business School, she has not only pioneered but mastered the art of creating a multi-million global thought leadership empire, accomplishing this extraordinary feat in a mere three years.

What sets Eno apart is her unparalleled dedication and unwavering pursuit of greatness, all while navigating the intricate path of a new immigrant to Canada, devoid of any familial or business connections. Her story is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream big.
Her story is one of audacity and vision. Eno left behind a thriving corporate career to embark on her entrepreneurial voyage, founding multiple brands in 5 years. She quit her full time role in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic and went all-in with her thought leadership business, in 3 months she had made a quarter of a million dollars and in 2 years her business were making over $1 million dollars annually.

Once she cracked this code, she started teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals how to replicate her framework. Eno's bold strategies, unwavering leadership style, and consultative approach have consistently propelled her clients to new heights of success. Through her transformative work, she has illuminated the path for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of building a thought leadership business.

Her achievements have not gone unnoticed. Eno Eka is celebrated as a thought leader by a multitude of media outlets and esteemed professional organizations. Her reputation as a highly sought-after speaker and consultant in the fields of business analysis and leadership is unparalleled.

Her remarkable awards and achievements speak for themselves, including Forbes 30 under 30 nominees 2020, Education Category; Alberta Top 30 under 30 recipients 2021; Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 award Winner 2022; RBC Women of Influence 2020 Award Recipient; and Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada 2020 Award Recipient, among others. She was also a Finalist for the RBC Top 75 Canadian Immigrant Awards 2020, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Nominee 2021, and a Women Empowerment Awards and Women of Impact Awards Nominee in 2022. Additionally, she was a Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize Nominee in 2020 and a Black Entrepreneur of the year Finalist in 2022.

Eno's exceptional contributions to the industry have earned her recognition as one of the Top 8 Female Business Analysis Influencers to Watch in 2021, and she is also an IIBA Global Corporate Member and an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider for all IIBA certifications. Her dedication to her profession and to helping others is evident in her numerous achievements, and she continues to inspire and impact the lives of professionals and immigrants alike.

Prepare to be inspired, guided, and transformed under the seasoned mentorship of Eno Eka at The Thought Leadership Business School Live.



Rafiat Babayode PROFILE

In a remarkable journey of self-reinvention, Rafiat transformed from a financially struggling stay-at-home mom into a successful product manager, guiding startups from ideas to reality.
Her path was far from easy. She faced the agony of business failures, losing everything not once, but 6 times. She also found out she was pregnant again when her son was just 7 months old during maternity leave. She was supposed to resume back to work when she gave birth to her third child. These experiences tested her resilience and determination.
In a bold leap, she transitioned into the role of a product manager, a journey that took a mere 45 days. She embarked on this journey with the wisdom and strength drawn from past experiences, her failures, and the help of Business Analysis School.
Today, Rafiat Babayode is a product builder specializing in new product development: from the strategy and innovation process, through product definition, execution, and launch. She builds great products quickly, helping companies reduce time to market, rapidly scale their product programs, and improve innovation with customer-led insight. Her work leads to reduced costs,greater profitability, and improved customer satisfaction.
She is at the helm of innovation, leading teams at Fleap Finance, and steering the ship from ideation to launch. She has been instrumental in finding the market fit for Fleap. Her diverse experiences have honed her skills, allowing her to excel in the dynamic world of product management.
Her work at Rapid Launch is a testament to her belief that product ideas should be validated before significant resources are invested in development. She is a strong advocate of the "Sell Before You Build" philosophy,implementing it rigorously in every product she works on. This approach is saving countless startups from the pitfalls she once encountered, where she helps them validate their ideas in just 15 days.
She is passionate about empowering moms. She hates to see more moms choose between their careers or their family when they can have both. This led to the creation of Moremee, a community that empowers moms to increase their earnings,create careers in tech, and launch businesses from the comfort of their homes.
Her passion for helping others succeed led her to write a book on idea generation and validation. She provides a clear roadmap for anyone, regardless of their background, to launch a profitable business in just 21 days.
This is her journey, marked by hardships, resilience, and transformation. Her story is a testament to the power of reinvention and the impact one can make when guided by experience, tenacity, and a heart that seeks to empower others.It is a story of changing the industry with a visionary philosophy that is setting the course for a new era of innovation and empowerment.


TAIwo Ogunsina PROFILE

Taiwo Ogunsina is a professional home builder, a seasoned Quantity surveyor and project Manager with experience spanning 2 decades. He obtained a bachelor's degree in quantity surveying in Nigeria and has since gained membership of international professional bodies like-
- Project Management Institute- PMP
- Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors- MNIQS
- Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria- RQS
- Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors- MRICS
- Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors- CIQS in view

Taiwo started his career as a site Quantity Surveyor based in Lagos, Nigeria where he worked on many residential, commercial, Government and Oil and gas projects in Africa, middle east, and North America. He relocated to Canada in March 2015and has been living in Calgary, Alberta.
Taiwo has worked on many laudable projects in Canada like-
- Site C Dam in Fort St. John, BC.
- West Memorial Building rehabilitation in Ottawa, ON.
- Eagle Builders Head office, Red Deer, AB.
- The Mark 101 condo Building in Sage Hill, NW Calgary.
- Melcom Plaza- Nolan Hill, NW Calgary.

On the home building side, Taiwo has built many homes including single family,town homes, duplexes, and multistory apartment buildings, he has worked with 3different home builders in Calgary in various capacities, as an Estimator,Senior Estimator and as a Project Manager which has given him deep knowledge of the home building industry. He understands the process of home building end to end from land acquisition to home possession.
Taiwo started Marroon Homes Ltd in October 2022, in conjunction with his Partner Adebayo Olaniyan, Marroon Homes is now one of Calgary’s best infill (inner city)home builder with projects in every quadrant of the city and 40 plus units of homes under construction.

Taiwo is a member of the Inner city committee of the Building Industry and Land Development Association – Calgary Region (BILDCR) since 2020, he enjoys having family time with his wife Adeola and his 3 children and very active in his church.


Ashley Kirkwood PROFILE

Ashley Kirkwood is an entrepreneur,speaker, and award-winning lawyer. As a renowned corporate attorney, she reached what many would call a peak – a $300k+ job. But she left it to go on her own. 

She began a virtual law firm, which quickly replaced and then surpassed her previous income. But along the way, she realized two things: she loved speaking and teaching, and she also had a real talent for scaling up a business. She perfected packaging and presenting professional services to corporations and other organizations, and started teaching others. Speak Your Way to Cash® was born. 

Ashley’s enthusiasm and success mindset are infectious, and her results have been well-documented. Most important to her,however, is how her teachings help, inspire, and empower others.Professionally, that’s what she lives for. 

Ashley has been recognized as a thought leader by FORBES, Crain's Chicago Business, Black Enterprise, The Chicago Tribune, and more.


Charles Osuji PROFILE

From law school in Nigeria to law firm CEO in Calgary, Charles’ rise to the top has been swift, earning him a LEXPERT Rising Star recognition for Canada’s Leading Lawyers Under 40, One of Canada’s100 Most Influential Black Canadians, Avenue Calgary’s Top 40 under 40, and the recipient of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal for his contributions to the Province of Alberta. With over 100 local and national recognition and awards in the last few years, he is now leading one of the fastest-growing mid-sized law firms in Calgary, Osuji & Smith, which has quickly become one of the largest black-owned law firms in Canada, and the largest in Alberta. At an age when most lawyers are busy learning their craft,Charles is doing that plus ensuring he is providing mentoring and leadership for his staff of diverse associate lawyers, legal assistants, and articling students. In 2014, he had the privilege of articling at Osuji & Smith (then Smith Law Office) and was admitted to the Alberta Bar. Only two years later, he became a Partner in the firm, and in 2017, he became the sole owner of Osuji & Smith after buying him out. With almost no experience in law firm management, Charles has not only sustained the growth and integrity of the firm of Osuji & Smith Lawyers but has won several awards, including the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada in 2020 and the most recent Edition of “The Best Lawyers in Canada: Ones to Watch.” Charles’ fast journey to success is proof of his dedication to both his craft and his insistence in giving others “a foot in the door”.


Adeola Monofi PROFILE

Adeola Monofi is a financial literacy enthusiast, serving as a money and business coach, a seasoned financial educator, and a transformational speaker. 
Her commitment to empowerment extends beyond personal finances, as she trains and mentors other financial professionals, empowering them to elevate their businesses. Adeola loves God and family as she gracefully embraces her role as a wife and mother to two adorable angels. Adeola's ultimate aspiration is to create a positive global impact by teaching, coaching, inspiring, and motivating individuals to discover their purpose, pursue their dreams, achieve financial freedom, and lead meaningful and purposeful lives.


Christiane Latchieu PROFILE

Christiane Latchieu is a Technology Consultant with over ten years of experience performing business, technical, and systems analysis, design, and software implementation for clients within the Supply Chain and logistics, Retail, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), Telecoms, and Healthcare industries in Africa, Europe, and North America.
Her technical knowledge acquired through a solid foundation in Industrial Engineering, combined with professional consulting expertise, enables her to work on transformation projects, process re-engineering, and change management initiatives in various capacities and with greater flexibility. She has established herself as a trusted advisor for her clients and takes pride in contributing to the success of her projects.
As a coach and mentor, Christiane enjoys sessions with aspiring, transitioning, or experienced professionals in the Agile space (Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Business Analysts) to help them get clarity on their next journey moves.
One could think mentoring is a one-way path, but she truly cherishes each discussion with her mentees and students. She has learned so much from their experiences and situations, as they help her become a better mentor and coach.
Christiane holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Supply Chain Management and several certifications like CBAP, PMP, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Agile Certified Practitioner, Agile Coaching, and Change Management, just to name a few.
She is an avid reader and learner, and she likes experiences that will lead her out of her comfort zone, like engaging in a Martial Arts journey or deciding to climb some of the highest peaks in the world.


Dotun Ayodele-Bamisaiye PROFILE

Dotun Ayodele-Bamisaiye is Principal, Dexteritas Professional Corporation, a full service accounting firm operating from Calgary, Alberta and serving clients from coast to coast to coast. Having cut his teeth in big-4 accounting (Ex-PwC, Ex-EY) and spent some time in the oil and gas industry, his passion and drive to see people succeed has driven him to pursue economic growth and community contribution using accounting as a tool. His career spanning about two decades has seen him serve multi-million dollar corporations as well as individuals starting in business. He is also a director at Startup court, a not-for-profit focusing on financial literacy and business ideation and incubation. Their entrepreneurship accountability support program, Founder's Roundtable, is currently in its fifth cohort.


Emmanuel Oluwatosin PROFILE

Emmanuel is a Senior Product Management Executive and Leanstack Startup Certified Coach with 2 decades experience and track record of successfully identifying and developing innovative business solutions. He is passionate about innovations, startups, and also connecting people at different levels of the socio-economic pyramid with services / solutions that improve their lives and livelihoods.


Florence Akpan PROFILE

Florence Akpan, a highly accomplished professional, is the visionary founder behind the success story of InfoPlace Canada, a premier virtual Canadian consulting firm headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan. Established in 2017, InfoPlace Canada specializes in simplifying the immigration process for international students and immigrants, offering a diverse range of programs. Additionally, the firm collaborates with employers to facilitate the hiring of foreign workers, contributing significantly to the Canadian immigration landscape.A Chartered Professional Accountant, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and astute Business Strategist, Florence Akpan has been the driving force behind InfoPlace Canada's evolution from a solo endeavor into a thriving organization with a dedicated team of nearly 20 professionals. Over the past six years, the firm has assisted over 4,000 clients hailing from 40 different countries.InfoPlace Canada, under Florence's leadership, is dedicated to providing accurate and credible news and updates within the realm of Canadian immigration. This commitment has solidified
the firm's reputation as a trusted and reliable source in the industry. Through various social media platforms, InfoPlace Canada reaches an extensive audience, impacting the lives of over 120,000 individuals.Florence's professional services encompass a wide spectrum of offerings, including assistance with school admissions, study permits, work permits, visiting visas, business immigration, labor market impact assessments, spousal and family sponsorships, provincial nominations, and all economic permanent resident pathways, including Express Entry categories.With her experience in building and growing InfoPlace Canada, Florence Akpan has harnessed her expertise to birth a new consulting practice, ScaleWithFlo Consulting Inc. This venture is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs, much like herself, in the journey to build and grow their companies successfully. Through ScaleWithFlo, she offers expert guidance and support to budding business owners, drawing upon her own remarkable journey to success in the world of Canadian consulting.


Jennifer Singh PROFILE

Jennifer Singh is a former TV reporter turned entrepreneur, speaker and CEO of She’s Newsworthy Media. Before entrepreneurship, Jennifer worked in the Canadian media industry for over 15 years as a reporter, producer and writer for CTV, CBC, Global and CP24. She has been featured in The Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal, Global News, CTV News and The Social speaking about entrepreneurship, the challenges of being a woman in business and the need for more inclusive marketing. Jennifer was also featured in a national campaign for International Women’s Day in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Canada and Pink Tartan and was the recipient of the She’s Next grant from Visa and IFundWomen.



Julia Cha is an accomplished business and leadership coach, bestselling author, and social media influencer. Her unique approach empowers individuals and organizations to achieve unparalleled success by harnessing the intricate laws of the human mind and the dynamics of power in leadership. She applies her deep understanding of human emotions, power, and the workings of the human mind to skillfully guide her clients in copywriting, story-based marketing, and branding content creation.As an author, Julia's books provide practical insights and strategies for success, resonating with a global audience. Her expertise and teachings reach millions of people across the world on social media, where she influences and motivates her followers to own their power to reach their highest potential.


Oyin Babatunde PROFILE

Oyin Babatunde is a serial entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success in the world of beauty, marketing and tech.In 2015, she founded a global beauty company that rapidly gained popularity in Africa before expanding to North America. Her company's success eventually led to its acquisition by a US-based beauty company in 2022, a testament to her entrepreneurial skill and ability to build successful ventures.Oyin also owns a highly successful digital marketing agency and training academy that specializes in helping SMEs maximize their profits through effective marketing strategies. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she has been able to help many businesses achieve their revenue goals and reach new heights.Oyin is the co-founder of Schedla, an appointment-booking solution for beauty service providers. She is also the co-founder of Priceculator, a SaaS platform that helps businesses calculate effective prices for their products or services. Oyin's passion, drive, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made her a force to be reckoned with in the business world.


Tolu Amadi PROFILE

Meet the visionary leader who brings technology and innovation to the forefront of business success, Tolu Amadi. With more than a decade of experience in technology project management and software decision-making, Tolu is a seasoned expert in navigating the complex digital landscape. As the founder of Aceit Digital, she is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them harness the power of technology to drive efficiency and growth.Throughout her career, Tolu has led transformative projects that have delivered remarkable results, such as reducing costs by up to 60%, increasing productivity by an astonishing 90%, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.Tolu Amadi is passionate about using technology to automate processes and cut costs across various industries. As a Technology Projects Lead and Automation Expert, they are dedicated to helping organizations fully realize the potential of technology.Whether you're a startup aiming to streamline operations or an established company looking to leverage technology for sustainable growth, Tolu  is here to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.


Sabrish Chand PROFILE

In a world where IT professionals are often lost in the sea of digital transformations and automation, Sabrish stands out as a beacon of clarity and empowerment. With over two decades of diverse experience, Sabrish has mastered the art of IT consulting across multiple domains and industries. But his career truly took a turning point when he asked himself a life-altering question: "Who must I become to create autonomy and professional freedom in my life?"Rejecting jobs that capped his growth and limited his impact, Sabrish took a calculated leap into the consulting world. It wasn't just a career shift—it was a complete identity transformation. By combining his technical prowess with vital people and creative skills, he discovered the formula for creating a fulfilling life and career on his own terms.Today, Sabrish is not just living his dream lifestyle; he’s made it his mission to help other IT professionals do the same. As a globetrotter who engages with entrepreneurs from over 150 countries, he delivers online tech and IT consultations that drive real change. But what truly sets him apart is his role as an IT Consulting Mentor. Through his flagship institution, IIITC, he guides IT professionals on how to launch, grow, and scale their own consultancy and coaching businesses.


Ehi Ade-Mabo PROFILE

For over 10 years, Transformational and Mindset Coach, Ehi Ade-Mabo has inspired leaders to live purposefully, confidently and with conviction to make an impact in the world by honing, mastering and sharing their message and gift. Ehi, also known as The Mindset Surgeon is a highly accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Best Selling Author, and Executive Coach. She has successfully helped emerging businesses, fast growing companies, as well as non-profit organizations identify and foster the right competencies to effectively get where they want to go. Ehi has a broad experience and an incredible knack for engaging people quickly around their needs and goals by changing their subconscious beliefs and narratives and provides exceptional tools that foster growth and increased fulfillment! Ehi is a sought-after speaker and has delivered papers for the Poverty Social conference in Bangkok Thailand amongst her other achievements. She has been recognized and featured as a recurring expert on the BBC, Global Tv, Rogers Television and TEDx.
Most recently, Ehi was recognized as the top 100 most Accomplished Black Canadian Women 2022/2023.


Chris Kirkwood PROFILE

Chris Kirkwood is an educator and sales professional, he has mentored, coached, and established programs directed at helping high school and college students reach and exceed their goals. Chris is the sales director, at Speak Your Way To Cash where he has been instrumental to the exponential growth of the company.


The Thought Leadership Business School Live is happening live in Canada from November, 2024.



$397 CAD

  •   Full access to all main event sessions.
  •   Event Workbook & learning materials
  •   Pre-Event Zoom 1-on-1 Call with a Coach
  •   Access to event community for networking
  •   General Payment plan- 10 monthly payments at $60 per month


$997 CAD

  •   Full access to all main event sessions
  •   Event Workbook & learning materials
  •   Customized Swag Bag
  •   Priority Entry & Seating Before General Pass
  •   Pre-Event Zoom 1-on-1 Call with a Coach
  •   One ticket to Exclusive Pre-Event VIP networking session
  •   Access to event community for networking
  •   Payment plan- 10 monthly payments at $140 per month


$1,997 CAD

  •   Full access to all main event sessions
  •   Event Workbook & learning materials
  •   Special Curated Swag Bag
  •   Special Welcome Gift
  •   Priority Entry after Mastermind Members and before all other passes
  •   Reserved Seating
  •   Personalized event concierge service
  •   One ticket to Exclusive Pre-Event VIP networking session
  •   Pre-Event Zoom 1-on-1 Call with Eno Eka
  •   Private Lunch with Eno Eka on Day 1
  •   Coaching Hot Seat Strategy Sessions with Eno Eka during private lunch
  •   Free LinkedIn Headshot with a professional photographer
  •   Access to event community for networking
  •   Payment plan- 10 monthly payments at $250 per month

Early Bird Discount Offer

What to expect

The Thought Leadership Business School Live is a mix of keynote speeches, interactive workshops, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.
You'll get the chance to connect with other professionals, gain new insights, and leave with a wealth of knowledge and strategies to apply in your career.


This is your opportunity to learn from the best, network with other industry leaders, and take your career to the next level. Register now to secure your spot at the Thought Leadership Business School Live!

Not Just An Event, But An Experience

At the Thought Leadership Business School Live, you won't just be a passive participant. You'll be an active part of the event, engaging with thought leaders, participating in workshops, and networking with other attendees.

You'll leave the event with more than just new knowledge – you'll also have new connections, experiences, and a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation.

How Does The Thought Leadership Business School Live Work?

This live event is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience:


Learn From The Thought Leaders

You will learn from Eno and other thought leaders. You'll hear their insights, learn from their experiences, and get inspired by their success stories.



Get your questions answered in interactive Q&A sessions. This is your opportunity to gain deeper insights and get personalized advice from the experts


hot seats

Share your career & business challenges with speakers and get instant coaching that you can implement immediately.


Practical Training

Get practical training and take action with real time assignments live in the room.


Networking & Community Building

The event doesn't just end with the sessions. We emphasize building connections and creating a community of like-minded professionals. Join our private event group to continue the conversations, share your takeaways, and network with your peers.

Who Is This ConferencE not FOR?
The Thought Leadership Business School Live is not for those who are not willing to put in the work required to benefit from this experience.

It's not for anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme or those not willing to improve their mindset.

If you're committed to learning, growing, and making a significant impact in your industry, we welcome you with open arms. Attending this event is not a guarantee that you will have a 7 figure Thought Leadership Business, it takes investments, effort, implementation and commitment to achieve these uncommon results.

We've Done This Before, And We Promise It's Worth It

Don't just take our word for it. Our past attendees have left glowing reviews about their experiences. Hear what Eno Eka past clients has to say about working with her and her past expertise.

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By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge and agree to this policy and absolve Eny Consulting Inc. & the Business Analysis School of any claims, actions, damages, costs or liabilities of any kind arising out of or in any way related to your decision to attend the Thought Leadership Business School Live Event.

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