Is Tech the right Career Path for you?

Technology is challenging, exciting and the future looks bright. It affects every aspect of our lives and our hobby is spending time in the virtual world. Technology has turned people into a new kind of social being.

Technology is challenging, exciting and the future looks bright. It affects every aspect of our lives and our hobby is spending time in the virtual world. Technology has turned people into a new kind of social being. We connect with people all over the world through the internet. We are not just communicating through text and voice but also images and codes.

You can dream of working in the tech industry, but will it be a great fit for you? It is no longer news how rewarding careers can erupt from building a career in tech. The tech industry is a hotbed for job options and career opportunities and even if you don’t have a formal education in computer science there are ways you can manage and get to where you want to be. As the world evolves, there are several tech companies and numerous career options you can explore in the industry.

Although there are several careers in tech that may be perfect for you and also intensify your career growth rate, the first question you must answer is how do you put the first foot forward into the industry?

How to start a Career in Tech

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of good tech professionals even though there are technology positions and job guarantees. While deciding your tech career path, and if your plan is to have a stable career, you must make learning your core value.

It is important that you plan your four-year degree programs to perfectly reflect your skills and give you an edge in your career decisions making. However, regardless of what you studied, it is never too late to transition into another role. You can enrol in schools that provide lessons on your new career path such as the application of project management, the role of business analysis in the tech industry, or even attend boot camps in software engineering.

Oftentimes, people rush to do an MBA, and understandably, there may not be much to do with a general business degree. However, strong business acumen is an essential part of the job market but it’s not enough to get you ahead. This is why you need to understand the industry because it is vast, and only a few have a chance to delve into it.

Those who have the guts to do so can find a job in the IT industry. There are many factors that will help determine which field in the Tech industry you should choose. Some of which are:

1. Understanding your skillsets: Before you start applying to jobs in the tech industry, you must first understand what you are capable of, what your expertise is. Are you a mobile developer? or would you like to build a career as a backend developer, PHP developer, project manager, systems manager, product manager, DevOps engineer, software engineer, digital marketing manager, or operations engineer?

2. Research the field you would like to work in. Would you like to develop yourself in systems analysis, social media management, customer support roles, administrator role, business analysis, graphic design, project management, and the likes?

This is because there is a range of tasks that you can perform depending on your type of person and your career goals. There will always be tech jobs but the real discovery is knowing what your career option is.

3. You must also research and understand the tech companies that are of interest to you. Choosing a company to work for is not an easy task, but you must research it at the beginning. You need to understand what the company does, and what you can do there. You need to know how the company is working and how they are different from other companies. Invest in gathering real insights on the company.

It is also equally important to research the average salary obtainable for your role and compare it with the annual salary you’re being offered.

If you can successfully scale through the 3 points mentioned above, then the next thing would be to start your application process into landing the perfect role for you. You can also check out 5 tips you should know before choosing a career


In conclusion, although it is not easy to find a job in the technology industry, all the above tips will help you to find a dream job. You should keep in touch with all the latest news and events in the market, as well as with all the new technologies.

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