Improve Your Job Search With These 6 Tips!

Have you heard the saying that searching for a job is an actual job on its own? As it is with developing a winning plan for a work project, so it is with starting a new job search.

How to position yourself for a win in the job market!

Have you heard the saying that searching for a job is an actual job on its own? As it is with developing a winning plan for a work project, so it is with starting a new job search. It takes time, research and a plan. A really good plan. The stakes for getting your dream job are increasingly high; everyone wants what you want. The more competitive the role or industry is, the higher the stakes are for you. How do you beat the competition and position yourself for a win?

Optimize Your Resume

Your resume is a key important tool in the job search! It’s what gets you in the door, in the first place. Think of it as your bridge to reach the employer. It not only tells an employer who you are and what you can do, but also positions you as THE right candidate, if properly written.  

Optimize your resume by tailoring it to the specific role and company you’re applying to, and highlighting the relevant skills required for the role. To achieve this, carry out a thorough research on the Company, its offerings and the requirements for your role. Weave this in your story by highlighting your strengths, relevant experiences and skills. Give the hiring team less reason to think about your competitor.

Perform A Social Media Audit

Your social media visibility is a critical component of your job search. According to Linkedin Hiring Statistics for 2022, over 85 percent of recruiters and employers find a social media profile somewhat-to-extremely important, while 41% of employers are likely to not interview a candidate if they can’t find them online. However, it’s not enough to just have social media accounts. Build a rich profile for yourself by telling your story, sharing your strength and regularly updating your achievements. 

Engage Multiple Search Tactics

A job search is not a one-way road. There are lots of tactics to engage to find your desired role. Some of the most commonly used tactics that job seekers engage in include surfing the internet for job adverts, signing up on professional networking sites, joining job search communities, signing up on Job boards, or sending a cold email to a Hiring Manager.  Identify the key tactics that are relevant to your search.

A key tactic to optimize is signing up for job notifications on top sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Angellist. These can open you up to new opportunities as they come to you, and give you an edge over application requirements and deadlines.

Take Technical Assessments

By now, you probably know that what got you to your current job won’t necessarily get you to the next. When applying for a new job, it is important you take some time to assess your current skills and make sure they are aligned with your future goals. You can enrich your skill set by taking some technical assessments, learning new frameworks or taking Industry certification courses.

Understand what recruiters are looking for and build on that. Stay in the know and constantly review your skills by engaging in skills development courses to help you stay updated with the trends in the industry you are interested in. 

Build A Good Network And Join Relevant Communities 

A good network can make your job search easier and faster. A great benefit that good professional networks provide is the access to relevant resources for your job process. Also,  they can also help you get a job based on referral. According to Linkedin, hiring teams rank employee referrals as the most important source of hire. Optimizing the resources that are available to you, such as alumni networks and professional association memberships, can help get your foot in the door faster than your competitor’s.

Don’t Be Your Own Roadblock

Contrary to your unpopular belief, you don’t need to meet all requirements to apply for a job. If you meet most of the requirements, you stand a good chance. You can always learn on the job! 

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