How to break into Tech as a Business Analyst

Finding ground in tech as a business analyst can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Finding ground in tech as a business analyst can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be that way. The tech companies also care about what you can offer and whether you know your stuff. So now you know there’s a market. The first step is to invest in yourself, build a solid foundation of technical skills and other relevant skills as you start your career in the tech field.

The good news is learning is now so easy. With the right mindset, you can get knowledge from almost anywhere on the internet if you know where to look. Not to worry if you don’t, I have all the answers you may be looking for.

Breaking into the tech industry will require having skill sets that are bankable. That is why you should consider enrolling in a business school that will help you develop in all the necessary areas. You should check out Eny Consulting an expert in the field. That said, your educational background does not determine whether or not you get a chance in the tech field as a business analyst but possessing communication skills, and other wide range experience can.

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3 useful tips to start a career in the tech industry as a business analyst

  1. Look far and beyond the job titles and description: Many times, the requirements stated in the job description are not always the ultimate. You do not necessarily need to have a degree in computer science, look at other requirements and see the ones you possess. do you have technical knowledge, presentation skills, analytics skills, are you capable of breaking down complex ideas into simple usable ones, do you have investment ideas and advanced knowledge of the business models. With all these essential skills, you can secure your spot in the industry even without a degree in business administration.
  2. You don’t need coding skills: Contrary to the belief that tech jobs are code jobs, you do not need to engage in that aspect. It is great if you have background knowledge but what you need to concern yourself about is having top-notch business acumen and other transferable skills. You are going to work with companies to analyze their business operations, and areas that need to be changed and you will enact this change to ensure that the company maximizes its value on a daily basis. In order to enact this change, you as a business analyst will work within all levels of the company, taking lead and creating solutions, defining business strategies.
  3. Build your resume: Companies are interested in what you can do, they want to see you in action. Now is the time to get involved in real-world projects and do a little bit of show-off. Let your experience show the tech company all your relevant skills. this is where your soft skills will surface. You have to put your best foot forward. Be intentional about curating your professional background to fit into the need of the company.


Breaking into the tech industry as a business analyst undoubtedly requires arduous effort, however by applying these tips, you are certain that your climb is already half done.

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